Support truck drivers–critical workers. Protect our kids from tobacco products.


1. Mark Singleton VP of Sales & Marketing at Southern Recipe to talk about Truck Driver Appreciation week: Sept 12-18. Truck drivers are one of the categories of front line workers who needed to be at their job this last year and a half so we’d have the spectrum of goods we need for our life. Mark talks about ways to support the truck drivers in their work, beginning with safe and kind driving. And there is a non-profit organization which helps support the drivers and their families, drivers often being independent contractors.


2. As school begins the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids brings awareness to this health challenge for youth. They’ve been doing this for 25 years, bringing awareness, providing education and advocacy around the issue of tobacco use and vapping with our youth–these are still serious issues. Gregg Wieczorek is the principal of Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland Wisconsin and has devoted himself to this cause in all his years in this position. Laurie Rubiner is the Executive Vice President for Domestic Programs at the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and very active in advocacy with schools and with government agencies.