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Survey says nearly half of all parents are battling “severe” stress because of COVID-19

Survey says nearly half of all parents are battling "severe" stress because of COVID-19

ljubaphoto/iStock(NEW YORK) — With them having to be caregivers, at-home employees, substitute teachers and, soon, replacement summer camp counselors, parents say the COVID-19 pandemic has them seriously stressed out.

According to a new survey from The American Psychological Association and The Harris Poll, nearly half of the 3,013 parents with kids under 18 surveyed say they’re batting severe stress.

The survey shows 46% of respondents in this segment rate their stress levels at least an 8 out of 10. Just 28% of respondents who don’t have children under 18 report feeling the same way.

Making due with makeshift schooling is the biggest stressor, the groups’ data reveals: seven out of 10 parents say they’re having trouble juggling their kids’ at-home schooling with their own work, while 70% say they’re having trouble providing food and basic necessities, compared to 44% of non-parents.

Other than that, 66% of moms and dads are also stressing about healthcare, and 63% lament missing milestones like weddings and graduations.

Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, CEO of the American Psychological Association, said in a statement, “For many parents, it can feel overwhelming to face competing demands at home and work along with possible financial challenges during this unprecedented crisis.

Dr. Evans adds, “Children are keen observers and often notice and react to stress or anxiety in their parents, caregivers, peers and community. Parents should prioritize their self-care and try their best to model healthy ways of coping with stress and anxiety.”

The survey also finds seven out of 10 adults say the economy is causing anxiety comparable to how they were feeling during the 2008 recession.  However, back in 2019, less than half admitted they were worried about the economy.

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