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Survey says nearly half of Americans fear they won’t get their pre-quarantine bodies back

Survey says nearly half of Americans fear they won't get their pre-quarantine bodies back

iStock/spukkato (LOS ANGELES) — As scientists battle COVID-19, millions of Americans in lockdown are finding themselves losing the battle of the bulge.

The need for comfort food, coupled with increased alcohol intake and the fact that thousands of gyms are still shuttered, has led to the average American gaining nearly five pounds since the quarantines began, reveals a poll commissioned by the supplement company Naked Nutrition.

The company’s non-scientific survey 2,000 people reveals nearly half of them fear they won’t get their pre-quarantine bods back. Sixty-five percent admitted they have “let themselves go a bit” during their time in isolation; 50% say they’ve all but given up on shaping up for bikini season 2020.

A third of those surveyed said they’ve been drinking more than they normally would have been; 50% say they’ve indulged in pastries, white bread and pasta.

Sixty-four percent said they’ve started to feel unhealthy in quarantine as a result.

Still, some haven’t given up: 54% say they’re trying to eat their veggies, 46% have increased the amount of protein they consume, and 64% have tried an in-home exercise routine, with 41% jumping on their stationary bike.

The most popular method to get some exercise is leaving the house and walking outdoors, with nearly half of the respondents saying that’s been their go-to.  Forty-six percent have used fitness apps, and 44% have turned to workout websites.

Streaming off the sweat is also popular, with 41% saying they’ve participated in a livestream workout class.

Without access to their local gym, 54% have ordered workout equipment online, including dumbbells (48%) and yoga mats (45%).

That being said, 70% doubt their at-home exercises are nearly as effective as their pre-COVID-19 routines, the poll revealed.

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