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TechTime Radio: Episode 37 for week 2/27 – 3/5 2021

On Episode 37, We have two special guests, one that will help me answer the question, how do autonomous cars drive in the snow. The other guest is on Gadgets and Gear, as we look at MeetOval an IoT (Internet of the Things) smart home device winner from CES 2021. We have our Top Stories in the first five minutes, and we are focusing on technology within vehicles as are main segment. This includes technology for walking cars to autonomous driven machines, and how safe are they? We are also bringing back Nathan’s Nugget after Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment, and lots of prices to give out, all this plus much more all this on this week’s episode of TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm.

We get you the Technology news that people will be talking in the coming weeks. We are also giving away some great prizes this week, (StoriCoffee) and (Puulse Device) make sure to sign up at to win.

“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go “Hummmm” Technology news of the week for February 27th – March 5th 2021.