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TechTime Radio: Episode 49 for week 5/22 – 5/28 2021

Episode 49: ACTIVELOOP founder David Buniatyan joins the show for an in-depth interview on the current state of AI, We have Mark Zuckerberg update on our [Stories You Didn’t Know along with Mac malware issues surface, and how to stop malware on your home PC for free. We explore why the US’s largest insurance companies reportedly paid $40 million to ransomware hackers all this plus much more.

On our first hour of the show, we have our top stories, we have our segment Protect Yourself today, and a feature on Malware now that Apple is openly talking about all the malware in the Mac environment, we also have a PC malware tip to protect your machine for free that will save you $10,000 in bitcoin from a hacker. So, make sure you stay tuned in and get your notepad ready. We Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our NFT and Whiskey Tastings this hour is packed with cyber information.

On the second hour, we have our “Letters” segment reading this week’s email scams and funny phishing attempts. We also have a feature interview of the founder of the AI company Activeloop David Buniatyan. David was first featured by TechCrunch at the age of 18. After completing his CompSci degree at UCL, he started his Ph.D. at Princeton University at 20. Davit is a recipient of the Gordon Wu Fellowship and AWS Machine Learning Research Award. His research involved reconstructing the connectome of the mouse brain he is an expert in AI and ML (machine learning). He has some great intelligence in the world of AI. We are going to continue talking about leaders in technology on [Stories You Didn’t Know] with Mark Zuckerberg. I am sure that during this hour we will make you go hummm and hopefully make you laugh and have fun in technology.

Welcome to two hours of TechTimeRadio, with your Host Nathan Mumm.