Tech Time

TechTime Radio: Episode 54 for week 6/26 – 7/2 2021

Episode 54: Hate Robocalls starting June 30th these calls will decrease. Next, we have 118-year-old sports franchise that is a marketing magnet in Europe. Can Hackers Break in ATMs Using Cellphones and Finally, why does your internet get worst and slower in hot weather? We got the answers and more packed in two hours of technology for this weeks show.

On the First Hour of the show, Hate robocalls? You’ll love what’s coming June 30 Voice providers have just days to implement the Stir/Shaken initiative Next, BuzzFeed announces plans to go public, how do you turn a 118-Year-old sports franchise into a social media magnet, Hacker Breaks ATMs Using Only a Handy Cellphone. Finally, we have Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our NFT and Whiskey Tastings, all in the first hour packed with technology information.

On the Second Hour, we have our “Letters” segment reading this week’s email scams and funny phishing attempts. Our featured interview is with Sharon Cooksey, Kidde Spokesperson Sharon is a expertise in fire prevention and carbon monoxide safety, combined with a natural warmth and authenticity, has made her a trusted and reliable source for leading media outlets across North America, from broadcast to print and digital media outlets. In our segment “What you Didn’t Know,” we have a feature on why internet gets slow during hot days. I am sure that during this hour we will make you go hummm and hopefully make you laugh and have fun in technology. Welcome to two hours of TechTimeRadio, with your Host Nathan Mumm.