Tech Time

TechTime Radio: Episode 63 for week 8/28 – 9/3 2021

This week on TechTime with Nathan Mumm, we hack away Windows 10 with a $20.00 mouse. Then, we cover two-factor authentication with our guest Trina L. Martin. Then Phil Hennessy, will talk about technology for a Tiny Home. Finally, we have our second TechTime roundtable with a group of our younger staff for Gamer Time, and what Microsoft was like in the 90’s series continues.

On the first hour of the show, Hackers are going nuts with a $20 Razer that hacks Windows. Blue Origin rocket to fly again with a payload of a handful of NASA experiments and some space art? We have our Back-to-School Segment part II to get you ready with technology back by demand from our viewers. Our Guest – Trina L. Martin, a 10-year cyber intelligence analyst, joins us on the show again talking about two-factor authentication. What it is and why it is crucial. We have the roundtable back in our “Gamer Time” segment with some of the TechTime staff under 30 joining Mike and me on a fascinating topic that is shaking our culture and gaming. We have “Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment” brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our NFT and Whiskey Tastings.

On the Second Hour, we have our “Letters” segment reading this week’s email scams and funny phishing attempts. We have our Microsoft special “What was Microsoft like back in the 90’s” as your host looks back at his time working at Microsoft during this era. And we have a segment all about Tiny Homes and the technology to put into these to make them more functional with Philip Hennessy, Principal at MorpheusTEK Inc. Welcome to two hours of TechTime, with your Host Nathan Mumm and Co-Host Mike Gorday.