Tech Time

TechTime Radio: Episode 65 for week 9/11 – 9/17 2021

Join us on TechTime with Nathan Mumm; this week on the show: Bitcoin now legal tender in a Central American Country, how did this go? Amazon is paying for college for its workers, and We have Facebook in the wearable space. We talk about [Bad Big Brother] and what new item is in our Gadgets and Gear pick this week. Plus open phone calls, join us live for 2 hours from 4:00-6:00 pm this Saturday on KKNW1150am.

This week on the show, El Salvador makes Bitcoin its legal tender; we cover what happened on day one of this change. Next, Facebook to release its wearable tech in partnership with Ray-Ban called “Stories.” Then, Amazon to pay full college tuition for workers; what is the fine print. Following that, we have our [Gadgets and Gear] segment with TechTime’s producers, Gwen Way. Next, we have the phones lines open for our third segment as we will take callers Technology questions on the air. Finally, we have “Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment” brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our NFT and Whiskey Tastings, all of this on the first hour of the show.

On the Second Hour, we have our [Letters] segment. We have a loyal “Tech-Timer,” a dedicated listener joining us on the air in the studio. Why do you ask? This listener has mapped out all our likes and dislikes over the past year of whiskey tastings, and he believes he has the perfect whiskey for Mike and Myself after listening to all our reviews. Is he correct, or is his data a bit skewed? We will find out live if he has broken the code to our whiskey palate. Our feature is focused on [Bad Big Brother] as we look at people and agencies collecting data without our permission. We will also open the lines for caller questions during this hour, so call in with your technology questions. Welcome to two hours of TechTime, with your Host Nathan Mumm and Co-Host Mike Gordy