Tech Time

TechTime Radio: Episode 69 for week 10/9 – 10/15 2021

Join us on TechTime with Nathan Mumm; Guest Gwen Way and Nick Espinosa join the show this week. First, we discuss why Window 11 is destined to fail, the extensive segment on Laura Meile from Electronic. Then we look at why Facebook is key to people worldwide, and of course, our technology segment reading phishing attempts in [Letters], join us live for 2 hours from 4:00-6:00 pm this Saturday on KKNW1150am.

This week on the show, Why Window 11 is destined to fail, Facebook and associated apps were down not once but twice this week. Next, Holograms are “REAL” l as a startup creates objects out of light and thin air. Next, we cover EA’s new COO, Laura Miele, in our segment [Things You Didn’t Know]. Then, we are excited to have Gwen Way on our [Gadgets and Gear] segment. Finally, we have “Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment” brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our Whiskey Tastings, all on hour one of the show.

On the Second Hour, we have our [Letters] segment, which includes scams, phishing emails, and all-out mistruths disguised as legitimate emails sent to our host. We then move to [Ask the Experts] as we bring back one of our favorite guests, Nick Espinosa, the CSO and founder of Security Fanatics, who will talk with us about Facebook being down twice this week, and compromised Twitch Streamer accounts. Finally, we look at why Facebook is key to people worldwide, and we get a different perspective on the large company making a better society for all of us. Welcome to two hours of TechTime, with your Host Nathan Mumm and Co-Host Mike Gorday