Tech Time

TechTime Radio: Episode 75 for week 11/20 – 11/26 2021

Join us on TechTime with Nathan Mumm this week on the show; Russia is again shooting missiles into space; Crypto fans lose out on the Constitution. Did Zuckerberg steal technology from a small company all while trying to push Instagram for kids? How preserving older games with legal emulation is being driven from one of the most unlikely companies. Plus, renaming the Staples Center to a website company that sells crypto. Finally, we have our Pick of the Day Whiskey Tastings and Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment brought to us by Stori-Coffee®. All of this on hour one of our two-hour show.

On the Second Hour, Nick Espinosa joins us talking about security breaches, “Why hospital hacks are becoming a trend, and then what you can do over this holiday break to protect yourself while shopping online and in person.” We have Black Friday holiday tips for what to buy and what to avoid. Finally, we have the “This Week in Technology” segment, along with “Letters,” to start the show.

“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go “Hummmm” Technology news of the week for November 20th through the 26th, 2021.