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TechTime Radio_ Episode 124 for the week of October 25th-31st, 2022

Episode 124: Today on TechTime with Nathan Mumm, do you have a pacemaker or know someone that does? Well, Hackers can adjust your pacemaker, monitor it, and even make it stop. If that is not scary enough, how about poisoning a water supply system in Florida? Of course, that is nothing compared to the hack that shut down a hospital and killed a patient. Welcome to our Halloween “Tricks No Treats” Special with Security Fanatic expert Nick Espinosa. After all that, how about an AI that robs your bank account or retirement fund? Yes, it does not get any better, explains our second guest Devon Drew. Welcome to the scariest episode of the year. This week, the “Technology Fail” comes to us from META again. In addition, we have our standard features, including “Mike’s Mesmerizing Moment,” “This Week in Technology,” and a possible “Nathan Nugget.” Finally, our “Pick of the Day” whiskey tasting. So, sit back, raise a glass, and welcome to TechTime with Nathan Mumm.

Join us on TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go “Hummmm” Technology news of the week for October 23rd – October 29th, 2022.