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TechTime Radio_ Episode 162 for the week of July 18th-24th, 2023

Episode 162: This week on TechTime with Nathan Mumm® can AI change the world of music? Mike explores what DJs and producers think of it. Microsoft charges per user for its AI Copilot. Will this work? We discuss this on the Nathan Nugget. Next, Twitter has lost nearly half of its advertising revenue since Elon Musk’s takeover. Then, we talk about the Bionic Eye that could restore vision. We have a fascinating CRISPR story, an update from James Riddle, our medical technology expert, and why an explosion of emojis is essential.

Join us on TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go “Hummmm” Technology news of the week for July 16th – 22nd , 2023.