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TechTime Radio_ Episode 176 for the week of Oct 24th-31st, 2023

Episode 176: This week on TechTime with Nathan Mumm, we have a story about a locked USB drive worth $235 million in Bitcoin that could be unlocked. The drive’s owner has lost the password, and a team of hackers believes they can open it. But there’s a catch. Next, we’ll discuss ScaleAI’s military chatbot and whether it’s the start of SKYNET. Could this technology lead to autonomous decision-making? We’ll explore this topic in detail.

Then, how would you feel if Instagram added ‘terrorist’ to your BIO? Plus, should friends and family help you make a match with online dating? Finally, our spooky “LETTERS” episode will make you scream, “Don’t Click that LINK.” We’ve got some creepy stories that will give you goosebumps.

Join us on TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go “Hmmm” Technology news of the week for October 22nd – 28th, 2023