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The Go-Go’s’ Charlotte Caffey recalls highlights of band’s recently reissued ‘God Bless The Go-Go’s’ album

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On May 14, two days after it was announced that The Go-Go’s will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this October, the band released a 20th anniversary reissue of their last studio album, 2001’s God Bless The Go-Go’s.

Go-Go’s lead guitarist/keyboardist Charlotte Caffey tells ABC Audio that she’s glad the album has been reissued because she feels it didn’t get the attention it deserved when it first was released.

“We were doing promotion for it when 9/11 happened, so, obviously, there was something more important in the world than promoting a record going on,” Caffey explains. “And [radio] people at that time…were not at all interested in any new Go-Go’s stuff, even though the first single was ‘Unforgiven,’ co-written with [Green Day‘s] Billie Joe Armstrong.”

Armstrong co-wrote “Unforgiven” with her and her band mate Jane Wiedlin, and also contributed guitar and backing vocals to the track.

“He sent Jane a cassette tape with a little idea on it, and then Jane and I took it from there,” Caffey recalls, adding, “I love the song and I love playing it live.”

God Bless The Go-Go’s also features a song called “Talking Myself Down” that Caffey and Wiedlin co-wrote with The BanglesSusanna Hoffs.

“I love her, and she’s just amazing,” Charlotte gushes about Hoffs, adding that she’s also a huge fan of Susanna’s “pristine” singing.

The God Bless The Go-Go’s reissue’s CD and digital editions include two bonus tracks, “I Think I Need Sleep” and “King of Confusion,” which originally only were available on the U.K. and Japanese versions of the album, respectively.

The album also was released on vinyl for the first time.

Here’s the God Bless the Go-Go’s track list:

“La La Land”
“Stuck in My Car”
“Vision of Nowness”
“Here You Are”
“Automatic Rainy Day”
“Kissing Asphalt”
“Sonic Superslide”
“Throw Me a Curve”
“Talking Myself Down”
“Daisy Chain”
“I Think I Need Sleep”*
“King of Confusion”*

* = bonus tracks, CD and digital only.

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