The power of self talk


Here’s an insanely easy way to improve your performance in ANY area of your life:

Just tell yourself, out loud, “You’ve got this.”

That’s according to a huge study, involving 44,000 people.

It found that those who used positive self-talk were the most likely to follow through, and actually perform better.

For example: One experiment asked participants to play an online game. Some played after getting game instruction videos, while others played the game after watching videos that trained them to use positive self-talk as a motivational technique.

The result?

Time after time, the people who watched the self-talk training videos saw the biggest increase in their game scores. That’s because positive self-talk is linked to lowering stress and boosting our “can do” attitude……

And when you combine positive self-talk with visualization, it’s even more powerful.

Visualization is of course when you IMAGINE yourself getting more proficient. And it works because visualizing your success activates the same brain network that governs the actions we take in real life.

And this study makes it clear that visualizing your goals – and telling yourself “You’ve got this” – are the most effective ways to put you in the mindset for achieving your goals.
Thanks a lot for checking out today’s life hack. I hope you give it a try – and I’ll speak with you tomorrow.

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