Things You Need to be More Alert When Driving

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Before you hit the road, fill your travel mug with coffee and turn on the radio! Because those two things make people better drivers!

That’s according to a new study by the behavioral science consultancy, CX Lab.

Their experiment found a link between listening to music, drinking strong coffee and better driving skills.

For the study, the researchers measured hundreds of drivers’ reaction times under various conditions in a driving simulator. And study subjects had to click a button when they saw a road hazard. The results:

  • Caffeine had the biggest positive impact, with drivers stopping an average of 26 yards sooner than un-caffeinated drivers after spotting a road hazard and while traveling at highway speeds.
  • But listening to noisy children while driving made driving reaction times worse. 
  • And overall, women were found to have faster reaction times than men while driving.

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