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This 27-year-old lost 120 pounds in 1 year by making small life changes

This 27-year-old lost 120 pounds in 1 year by making small life changes


(NEW YORK) — All her life, 27-year-old Kiah Twisselman believed she just had “bad genetics,” which prevented her from losing weight. But two years ago, she proved that theory wrong and went from 285 to 163 pounds by eating healthy and exercising.

“I just started showing up and doing it,” Twisselman wrote in an Instagram post. “That’s it.”

In the new issue of People Magazine out this week, Twisselman’s incredible weight loss journey — along with that of several others — is highlighted.

The publication’s transformation feature spotlights people who drastically changed their lives.

“I lost 100 pounds in less than a year,” Twisselman told People. “It’s been so challenging, so rewarding, and I wouldn’t trade this last year for the world.”

“She lost 120 pounds by making really small changes to her life that really anybody can imitate,” said Charlotte Triggs, the deputy editor of People.

In the beginning of her weight loss journey, Twisselman shared that she wanted to be healthier, so she turned to author and fitness expert, Rachel Hollis, and her five tips to thrive.

On her Instagram page, Twisselman detailed how she adapted Hollis’s five daily habits like waking up one hour earlier, writing down 10 things that she’s grateful for, giving up food that doesn’t “bless her body” and drinking more water.

“Improving your life isn’t about making some scary, drastic change overnight,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s about meeting yourself where you’re at and making small changes over time that you can actually stick with. Start small, stay consistent.”

By adapting Hollis’s lifestyle changes Twisselman was able to shed the extra weight for good.

“She started working out 30 minutes a day,” said Triggs. “She started drinking a lot more liquids which she hadn’t been doing before, and keeping a diary so that she could start to feel when she was really hungry.”

Now, Twisselman is helping others as a weight loss coach and will soon launch her first ever digital course on her website to teach others how to shed pounds. She also shares motivational videos for her Instagram followers to help inspire them to make small, healthy changes in their lives.

Although quarantine has changed the routines for many, Twisselman says her life hasn’t looked too different, and she’s still making exercise and hydration her top priorities. She also makes the choice to stick to her lifestyle changes every day to reach her goals.

“If I can do it, you can ABSOLUTELY do it too,” Twisselman wrote in an Instagram post. “Stop playing small, dream bigger for yourself and keep showing up.”

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