This Viral Technique Can Help You Stick to a Budget


If you want to stick to a budget and save money, both of those things can be accomplished with one technique……and it’s going viral.

It’s the “cash stuffing” trend, which has nearly 400-million views on TikTok. All you need is some cold, hard cash and a set of envelopes.

  • You start by dividing up your envelopes into categories and labeling them. For example, date night, rent, utilities, vacation, et cetera.
  • Then divide up your cash into the respective category, or envelope, it’s allocated for.

That’s it – you’re just putting cash in envelopes……so what’s the big deal?

Well, credit cards and payment apps raise the risk of overspending – because they’re so fast and easy……And it doesn’t seem like you’re spending real money. But according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and MIT, when we use cash money – we actually feel psychological pain. They’ve seen this in brain scans. It’s a fact that we spend less frivolously when we pay with cash.

Also, when you pay with cash, you can only spend what you actually have.

So there you go… that’s the “cash stuffing” trend. 

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