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Twitter’s move proves working-from-home is here to stay, says remote work expert

Twitter's move proves working-from-home is here to stay, says remote work expert

sturti/iStock(NEW YORK) — This week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told employees who are working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic that they can continue to do so indefinitely — even after stay-at-home orders expire. 

It was a decision that remote working expert Moe Vela [VEY-la] of Transparent Business predicted, and one he believes will catch on with employees everywhere. 

“The indicators are that it’s going to be our new normal,” Vela tells ABC Audio. “What I’m seeing is as more employers are realizing that their fears were misplaced…[T]hey would try it, but then they would, you know, revert back to the comfort zone of the traditional office model. And what they’re seeing here is the benefits are across the board.”

The remote work situation benefits both employer and employee, Vela explains. “Productivity goes up, your absenteeism goes down. Operational efficiency stays steady or improved…[L]ess cost on office space. So all the costs to the employer go down, and you have a healthier, happier workforce.”

For the employee? “A stratospheric improvement in their work life balance.”

Thanks to no commuting, Vela says, “You’re giving your employee two to three hours of their day back so that creates a healthier and a happier employee. What is a happier and healthier employee? A more productive employee.”

He explains, “Now you’ve got two or three hours of your day back so you can do online yoga. Eventually, when we’re able to go back outside again, you’re going to be able to go to your gym or whatever you care to spend some time with your children and your family.”

To all the employers out there, Vela asks rhetorically, “Why would you NOT do what Jack Dorsey is doing at Twitter?”

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