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Update: Sting portrait is en route, as his daughter sets up Go Fund Me with late painter’s stepdaughter

Update: Sting Portrait Is En Route, As His Daughter Sets Up Go Fund Me With Late Painter's Stepdaughter

Jamie McCarthy/WireImageBy ANDREA DRESDALE, ABC News

Earlier this week, we all enjoyed the heartwarming story of a woman whose stepdad’s dying wish was for her to deliver a portrait that he’d painted of Sting to the rocker himself.  Sting’s daughter, actress Mickey Sumner, saw the story, connected with the woman, and said she’d make it happen.  Well, get ready for your heart to be warmed even more.

Mickey and the woman, Elizabeth Santiago, have now set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Elizabeth’s stepfather Dominic Santiago died of MS, as she revealed in her initial Humans of NY Instagram post.

“In 1998 he was diagnosed with MS…it got to the point where he couldn’t even hold a paintbrush,” she wrote of Dominic, a cop who’d dreamed of becoming an artist and who’d painted a portrait of Sting.

“During his final days, we were going through his possessions, one by one…I pulled the Sting painting out of an old box, and asked: ‘What should I do with this?’” she wrote.

“His response was immediate. ‘Give it to Sting,’ he said. All of us started laughing,” she continued. “But Dad grew very serious. His eyes narrowed. He looked right at me, and said: ‘Give it to Sting.’ So I guess that’s my final assignment.”

And there’s even better news: Mickey’s posted a photo on Instagram of the Sting portrait being shipped and wrote, “My dad should have it in a week!”

“thank u…for letting me be part of your beautiful #lastassignment,” Mickey added. “I’m so grateful to have met you…you touched all our lives this week…thank you to my dad for all the art, inspiration & love you bring into this world.”

More than $5,000 has been raised so far via the page.

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