Watch girl-group legend Darlene Love in trailer for upcoming Netflix movie ‘Holiday Rush’

NetflixNetflix has released the official trailer for its upcoming holiday film Holiday Rush, starring Romany Malco and featuring legendary girl-group singer Darlene Love in a supporting role.

The film follows Malco’s character, a single dad and radio DJ named Rashon “Rush” Williams, who loses his job during the holiday season. As Rush attempts to downsize, the experience helps him reconnect with his four children and learn that “true joy comes from who you have, not what you have.”

Love plays Rush’s Aunt Jo, who helps her out-of-work nephew purchase a competing radio station.

In one scene, Darlene’s character shares some encouraging words with her nephew and his kids, saying, “It’s not what you got, it’s what you got around you.” In another, we see Love belting out a song on a stage bedecked with Christmas lights as her family watches and claps.

Of course, one of Darlene’s trademark songs is “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” which appeared on the classic 1963 holiday album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector.

Love’s previous acting roles include playing the wife of Danny Glover‘s character in the four Lethal Weapon movies.

Holiday Rush premieres November 28 on Netflix.

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