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Watch Styx’s new lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album, ‘Crash of the Crown’

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Styx has debuted a striking mixed-media lyric video for the title track of their upcoming studio album, Crash of the Crown, due out June 18.

The clip, which you can watch at the band’s official YouTube channel, features digital animation, photos and film segments to accompany the song’s enigmatic lyrics.

The video starts by showing a meteor hurtling toward the Earth, then crashing into an icy landscape, creating the image seen on Crash of the Crown album’s cover. We then travel into the crater, where the scene shifts to a shimmering ocean, a snow-covered plain and an ominous apocalyptic cityscape featuring destroyed buildings and sand dunes.

Various other barren landscapes and images follow, including a child wearing a gas mask and holding a woman’s hand in front of an abandoned factory. Eventually, we’re taken up out of the crater, where the band is shown peering into the hole, after which we see a rocket leaving the Earth and then a satellite, orbiting the planet, which sends a message back to the surface.

As the video concludes, we see plant life growing again on the once-barren planet, including around the formerly icy crater.

As previously reported, Crash of the Crown‘s title track is a multi-part song, and the group’s first ever to feature three lead vocalists. James “JY” Young handles vocals in the prog-flavored first segment, followed by Tommy Shaw in the disco-inspired middle part and Lawrence Gowan in the Queen-esque finale.

The album, which you can pre-order now, is available on CD, digitally and as a vinyl LP pressed on either black or clear vinyl.

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