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Watch ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons’ latest solo music video, “She’s On Fire”

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Credit: Roger Kisby

ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons has released a music video for a fourth song from his latest solo album, Hardware, this one for a driving rock tune titled “She’s On Fire.”

Like Gibbons’ three previous videos, the “She’s On Fire” clip was shot by Texas-based filmmaker Harry Reese on location in California’s high desert while the album was being made in the area.

The video finds Billy and his two Hardware collaborators, second guitarist Austin Hanks and ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, rocking out in a sunny, arid landscape surrounded by Joshua trees and other desert plant life.

As they play the tune, a redheaded model drives up in a customized ’84 Chevy El Camino, gets out of the car and proceeds dance and sway to the music in front of the rockers. The clip also features brief cameos by an iguana and a chameleon. As the song comes to an end, the woman gets back in her car and drives away, as Gibbons, Sorum and Hanks stand gawking together, ZZ Top-style, and point approvingly at her.

“The video is really an encapsulation of many of the themes touched upon in Hardware: the desert, pretty girls, heat, cacti, reptiles and rockin’ out,” Billy says in a statement. “One-stop shopping!”

In a press release about the video, the car featured in the video is identified as Gibbons’ Grocery Getter, which had its own Discovery Channel special and was customized to Billy’s specifications by celebrated hot-rod builder Jimmy Shine.

You can watch the “She’s On Fire” video, as well as previously released clips for “My Lucky Card,” “Desert High” and “West Coast Junkie,” on Gibbons’ official YouTube channel.

Hardware is available now.

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