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Weird Al biopic director predicts Madonna will like her portrayal in the film: “She has a sense of humor”

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In the new biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood portrays Madonna circa 1985 — and the film’s director predicts the Queen of Pop will enjoy it, because she knows how to laugh at herself.

“I hope that she loves it,” Eric Appel told People. “I feel like Madonna has a sense of humor…I think she’ll like it.”  Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Al, added, “I second that. I’m sure. It’s great — and [Evan is] playing her. Who could not love that?”

In real-life, Al famously spoofed Madonna’s hit “Like a Virgin” with his song “Like a Surgeon.”  In the biopic, which is actually more of a parody that fabricates and exaggerates moments from Al’s life, Madonna pursues the singer romantically in the hopes that he’ll spoof her song.

Wood says she prepared for the part by “just bingeing Madonna interviews from the early ’80s and her music videos and things,” adding, “It was fun. It’s always fun to get to go back and revisit and be like, ‘Oh, right — she’s a genius.’ There’s a reason why she’s Madonna.”

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story debuts on The Roku Channel November 4.  Meanwhile, Madonna is working on her own biopic, which will reportedly star Julia Garner as the superstar. No word on whether or not Weird Al will appear as a character in that film.

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