What do older daters want?


This is the number one trait older singles want

Singles age 50 and up are the fastest growing demographic on dating sites and apps……

So what do older daters want? The number one trait older daters are looking for is:

Great conversation!

A survey conducted by the dating site Silver Singles found that both men and women, in their 50s and beyond, are doing away with small talk and are looking for someone who can carry on a great conversation.  In fact, that’s a top trait 75% of them are looking for! 

After good conversation – the top things older singles are looking for are physical attraction and similar hobbies. 

   So what don’t older singles want?

Smoking is a top turn off for mature singles……followed by financial insecurity.  

However, the data tells us that the older singles get, the LESS interested they are in a serious relationship! 

According to the survey, while 40% of singles in their 50s are looking for something serious, only 20% of those in their 60s – and only 11% of singles in their 70s – want a serious relationship! They’d rather keep it casual.

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