What is Sleep Affirmation and Why You Should Use It


If you’re having trouble sleeping, here’s something that might help

Try using sleep affirmations – where you pick a short, calming phrase like, “I am still,” or “I am relaxed” – and repeatedly think it or say it out loud. 

Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart says repeating an affirmation is a form of meditation. It gives you something specific to focus on, and helps over-write recurring negative thoughts, silencing your brain. 

Repeating an affirmation can also quiet the brain area responsible for self-evaluation and rumination, which reduces stress and anxiety. And when you put that all together, it improves sleep quality. 

And there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You can sit quietly for 5 minutes, eyes closed, and repeat a phrase like “I am safe and secure.” Or simply repeat your chosen phrase silently while you’re getting ready for bed or lying in bed trying to fall asleep. 

Your best bet? Focus on the words until your mind believes what you’re telling yourself. Because, if you get to the point where you BELIEVE you’re feeling calm and relaxed, you’re more likely to actually sleep.

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