What to Do if Your Day Started Bad


If your morning gets off to a rough start, or you experience a setback during the day, do you find your WHOLE DAY is ruined and derailed from then on?

Well, no more! There’s a new productivity hack that allows us to trick our brains into pushing past setbacks. It’s called the “four quarters method.” 

According to behavior expert Daniel Pink, it simply means splitting each day into four distinct sections – and taking a break between each one. 

For example: Quarter #1 includes waking up, interacting with your family, maybe exercising and then starting. Then, there’s the late-morning quarter when you’re working from 10am to 1pm and having lunch…… Your 3rd quarter includes working from 2pm to 6pm and then getting home…… And after one last break, you close the day with a final quarter from dinner until bedtime.

And by dividing each day into quarters – and having clear transitions between each one – you give your brain a chance to reset and start each section fresh. It’s like a relay race only you’re the one completing all four legs of the race!

And by tricking your brain into thinking that there are multiple new beginnings throughout the day, you get the momentum that comes with 4 fresh starts. 

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