What to Do When You Keep Misplacing Things

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Are you constantly misplacing things – like your keys or cellphone? Here’s how to find things faster: 

  • First: Memory expert Dr. Irene Kan suggests closing your eyes to block out your visual sense and thinking back to the last time you deviated from your typical routine. Because that’s when we’re more likely to misplace something. 
  • Another trick for finding lost items. Slowly and methodically look within an 18 inches of their usual location. Most lost items are in an 18-inch radius of where they should be. 
  • Also, we frequently look down for lost things, because we think they must have fallen. But numerous studies show we’re more likely to place things at eye level when we’re distracted.
  • Finally, repeat the name of whatever you’re looking for, like: “Keys, keys, keys.” Repeatedly saying what you’re missing boosts concentration, and increases the odds you’ll remember exactly where you left it!

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