Why Chore-Sharing is Important to Couples

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Couples: When it comes to household chores, do you divide them between you – or do you share them, say, by taking turns washing the dishes……or folding the laundry TOGETHER?

Well, according to new research from the University of Utah, couples who SHARE at least three household chores a week tend to have happier, more satisfying relationships than those who divvy up all their chores and do them separately. And that conclusion is based on data collected on thousands of families across North America for more than a decade.

So, why is chore-sharing better for a relationship than dividing them up? Researchers found one obvious reason is that not all chores are equal. For example: There’s a big difference between buying the family groceries and being responsible for scrubbing the toilet each week.

​​And no matter how much you try to divide chores fairly, someone’s always going to feel like they’re getting a bad deal.

​​But when you SHARE chores – either by taking turns or doing them together, researchers say you use communication, planning and decision-making skills, which are essential for having a high-quality relationship. And by collaborating, you foster a sense of togetherness that makes you and your partner feel like a team. 

​​So, for a stronger relationship, the research is clear – pick at least three chores and start sharing them every week.

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