Why Take a 5-Minute Brisk Walk Before a Big Meal


Right before your next big meal – take a brisk 5-minute walk. 

Because 5-minute micro-bursts of exercise can boost your energy and decrease fatigue, and keep cravings under control. That’s according to the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

That little bit of extra movement is enough to increase blood flow, which could play a role in helping you feel alert. Being active also suppresses hunger. Plus, aerobic activity before a meal can help keep levels of unhealthy triglyceride-rich proteins in check in the bloodstream.

The exercise encourages the body to release hormones that actually work to clear unhealthy particles from your bloodstream.  It also makes your arteries more flexible.

So a short 5-minute power walk before a meal can keep your eating in check and your heart healthy.

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