Why You Should Exercise on Your Own

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If you’re walking for exercise, you may want to ditch your romantic partner and go solo! Because the research is now telling us that couples who walk together for exercise often don’t get the health boost they’re hoping for!

That’s according to Purdue University. They found that both partners slow down compared to when they’re walking alone, especially if they hold hands.

What the researchers were hoping to find was that the slower partner would speed up and walk faster, to match the pace of their partner. But that’s not what happened. 

They looked at hundreds of romantic couples, ranging in age from 25 to 80-years-old. And to their surprise, a large number of couples – even if they’d been together for years – held hands while they walked. And the researchers say “it’s hard to maintain speed with linkage.” 

It turned out people walked fastest when they walked alone and slowest when holding hands with a significant other……and those who walked with a partner but didn’t hold hands were somewhere in between.

So, bottom lining this…if you want an EMOTIONAL boost, walk with a partner. But if you want EXERCISE, you’re better off going for a brisk walk on your own.

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