Why You Should Try to Travel Solo


Have you felt the itch to travel? You’re definitely not alone. 

And it’s why people aren’t waiting for friends and family to join them on a trip – they’re going solo! 

In fact, the travel site Booking.com reports that, in normal years, about 1-in-8 bookings were by solo travelers…… But this year, the rate has DOUBLED to 1 in 4! 

And Google searches for “solo travel” have also doubled!

The reason? According to the world’s largest travel marketing agency, MMGY, after enduring two years of travel restrictions, a lot of people are feeling antsy to travel somewhere – anywhere

Solo vacations also offer one of the best opportunities to travel “with intent.” Meaning, you can explore a personal goal – whether it’s self-improvement, crossing more destinations off your bucket list, or simply taking time to de-stress! People also tend to report more satisfaction with their travel experiences when they’re NOT trying to keep other people happy. 

And that’s the latest travel trend: Solo vacations!

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