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Worker returns to office during lockdown to rescue forgotten banana

Worker returns to office during lockdown to rescue forgotten banana

subjug/iStock(GLASGOW) — As so many of us can relate, we went to work one day, and the next day we were told to indefinitely work from home due to COVID-19.  Well, one woman who goes by the online nickname MLB realized that nine weeks after being told to work from home, she’d forgotten something important at work: her banana.

MLB, or Mari-lou, who’s from Glasgow, Scotland, had the epiphany last Tuesday and tweeted, “Knowin there is a banana in my desk drawer in work, which has been there since a week before lockdown is makin me feel anxious.”  Scotland went into lockdown on March 24.

MLB’s tweet earned sympathy from others who’d also forgotten they left food in their work desks – in some cases, entire lunches that morphed into mold colonies large enough to be mistaken for a patch of wild moss.

With those explicit images plaguing her feed, Mari-lou bravely made the trek to her office to forestall any such fate for her fruit.  Good news: she didn’t find a mold colony consuming her workspace.  But the banana was otherwise completely desiccated and had turned completely black.

MLB created a TikTok of the moment she opened her desk drawer to see her shriveled up snack, with Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” as the soundtrack.  You know: “This [stuff] is bananas – b-a-n-a-n-a-s.” 

As to how she feels about her entire ordeal going viral over the weekend?  MLB’s not entirely impressed that this is now her claim to fame.

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